Face and Neck Lift


The Deep-Plane Facelift and Platysmaplasty (Muscle Tightening) Necklift procedures employed by Dr. Harley are used by expert plastic surgeons throughout the world to achieve long-lasting and natural results. These techniques are utilized to release the muscular attachments (known as ligaments), mobilizing deeper tissues and allowing them to be lifted more securely, which contributes to extended longevity. The lift addresses aging of three primary tissues - skin, muscle, and fat - and does so utilizing local anesthesia in safest and least intrusive manner available.

Additional Surgical Enhancement


Other surgical procedures can be performed to enhance the upper and lower eyelids, the brow, and the lips. Such procedures include blepharoplasty (upper and lower) and lateral, mid-forehead or direct brow lift, as well as lip lift and augmentation. Depending on the goals of the patient, these procedures may be done together or separately.

Non-Surgical Enhancement


In addition to these surgical procedures, a medium-depth TCA chemical peel may be performed to enhance the result by smoothing fine lines and evening out brownish sun spots. Additionally, volume enhancement using injectable fillers may be performed to improve the nasolabial folds, the marionette lines,cheek hollows, and other areas.

Inconspicuous Incisions


Concealed along the natural curves and boundaries of the ear.

Along Natural Contours

The cartilages of the ear are preserved as incisions are made between the subunit of the cheek and the ear.

Behind The Hairline

The incision moves along the backside of the ear and into the hairline as it travels behind the ear.


Surgical Enhancement in Men

Men desiring improvement of the jawline and neck have had great success with these procedures in achieving their goals.  Although women still make up the majority of our patients, the number of men interested in these improvements grows annually.  We have found that men benefit significantly from these procedures as well, while still maintaining a natural appearance.


*Results can vary. There is no guarantee of specific results.

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